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Impahla is a community driven launchpad that gives you the tools to launch and invest in Crypto native projects in a safe and secure environment.

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Founders & Creators

The decentralized toolbox, our simple way to create, publish and sell NFT collections and crypto native projects.

Secure Launching

Impahla is built on Radix meaning our launchpad has your safety and security at its core

All-in-one place

Whether creating, launching or selling, Impahla removes the complexity, making it stress free

Full control

Impahla gives you full control of your own assets meaning you are your own asset custodian

Raise funds

We offer flexible fundraising options and give you instant access to our investor community

Build a community

Start building a community and use our tools to keep your investors and followers informed and heard at all times

Grow & govern

Use our built-in tools to govern and vote on the future direction of projects, encouraging growth in your community

You’re in safe hands

Impahla is built from the ground up with your safety and security at its core. Written in Scrypto and run on Radix, and with our gaurantee of 100% uptime, Impahla gives you the piece of mind to trade anytime in a secure environment.


An end-to-end platform that removes the complexity of trading in digital assets

A fair process

From auction to allocation to sale, Impahla ensures everyone is guaranteed fair allocation

Barrier free

Gain access to high quality projects and participate in their initial fundraising

Full visibility

Keep up-to-date with our tracking tools allowing you to view progress and see project activity in real-time

Fair valuations

To keep it fair to creators and founders, we use auction models that ensure optimum price discovery and enhanced due diligence


Nobody wants any nasty surprises, and there isn’t any investors have full transparency over the projects they’re interested in or invested in!

Anytime, anywhere

Buy, sell & swap project tokens and NFTs whenever and wherever you want. You can access Impahla on desktop or download on app stores for iOS and Android.

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