Assets and Tokens

Create your assets, raise funds and incentivise your community

From launching NFTs securely to fair governance, it’s all in one place with Impahla.

Vote and manage

Governance tokens (Or hybrid tokens) enable project founders and DAOs to grant voting and management rights to users and communities. This is a key element to creating fair governance across the Impahla platform.

Launch NFTs securely

You can rest at ease knowing Impahla offers a secure and safe environment for creators to launch NFT drops and list their NFTs in the Impahla secondary market. It’s our way of creating a happy community.

Reward your community

Impahla has a built in utility tool, meaning you can reward creators, backers and investors. Utility Tokens can be launched  to include incentives for participants within your ecosystem. It’s a great way to encourage growth within your project community.

Bridging the gap between DeFi and real economy

We’re more than an on-chain fundraising platform. We enable real economy enterprises to benefit from our decentralised governance tools aimed at  bridging the gap between DeFi and real economy.

We do this by onboarding off-chain enterprises to Crypto, and combining it with decentralized communities. Our vision is to tokenise private equity and add fundraising services for real economy enterprises.

Be a part of something special

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