A streamlined experience for investors to hold, buy and sell digital assets

Our smart UI and UX is designed to make things easy.

Allocation guaranteed

Our auction models are based on a fixed price unique to each project. Enabling anyone to participate fairly. Once the price is determined, it allows for all participants to get the fair share of token allocation.





We have industry-standard auction models such as English Auction, Dutch Auction and multi-round auctions for both NFTs and fungible token sales.





Impahla will offer multiple auction models, such as a dutch auction and second-price auction, determining the price.

Equal distribution of tokens for all participants based on the price fixed through the auction regardless of the capital committed.


Final Round


Final Round

Token sales will continue on a first-come, first-serve basis for unsold tokens.

Streamlined User Experience

Investors (User) on our platform are interested in participating in NFT drops and auctions. Our vision is to offer a streamlined user experience to make the whole process, from registration to buying, holding and selling NFTs as convenient and secure as possible.

Fair valuations

It’s important valuations are fair to both founders and creators. To do this, we use a number of auction models that improve price discovery and enhance due diligence ensuring and even playing field.


Nobody wants any nasty surprises, and there isn’t any. Due to the decentralised nature of the platform, and an enhanced due diligence process, investors have full transparency over the projects they’re interested in or invested in!

Inclusive fundraising

With Impahla, anyone can be an investor.

We remove the barriers enabling you to be involved from initial fundraising for even our most premium projects. It’s all about the community.

Full visibility

Impahla offers a simple web and mobile interface for it’s users. Using our tracking tool, you can keep up-to-date and view progress of your projects activity in real-time

Be a part of something special

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