Security and Scalability

Scale effectively and trade securely

Impahla is built from the ground up with your safety and security at its core.

Grow securely

Impahla uses Radix DLT as its base protocol, meaning we remove any potential calability and security issues from the outset. 

The Radix protocol is a shared system with atomic composability and has the ability to scale continuously over time.

This gives you the peace of mind to launch securely and grow your community now, and in the future.

Asset focussed

Impahla is built with the Radix smart contract language Scrypto. An asset focussed language that not only interacts with data, but with assets as a native. This language is designed to create safe DeFi applications, and keeps assets at the heart of the Impahla platform.

Be a part of projects

Impahlas Due Diligence process ensures only high quality projects are listed on the platform.

Moving from centralized to decentralized, Impahla enables community members to participate in the curation of projects and be rewarded for their efforts.

Be a part of something special

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